New Demo Reel!

2017-09-19 22:32:39 by Markafoi

Updated my reel from last year. Please enjoy, consider, cast, share, do whatever it is you do!

Name Change

2017-01-05 14:24:44 by Markafoi

Heya folks, Markafoi here. Formerly Rocker962. Finally took care of that. Just a heads up! 


Demo Reel!

2016-09-11 22:11:02 by Markafoi

I finally made one.

Howdy, friends!

2015-09-29 23:40:53 by Markafoi

With the release of the fourth Multiverse episode, I've been getting a few notifications about gaining new fans, and to all of them (and my supporters from the previous 2 episodes,) I want to say thanks! If you enjoy my stuff, I have some non-Newgrounds content that should be coming out sooner or later, and I'll make sure to link to that when it happens.

As for anything not related to Multiverse, the only other stuff I've actually been a part of that have been released were a short-lived Persona thing and this one time I did the Fusion Dance with KaggyFilms, (although I did receive special thanks in the credits of Danganwrestling,) more is on the way! Additionally, feel free to contact me through PM or in the comments if you want anything voice-related done, I'm down for pretty much anything, you just need to ask! I'm super bored and will gladly make a fool of myself on the interwebs.

So, yeah. Thanks again for supporting me!

Stay tuned and whatnot.