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I'd recognize those Roll20 sound effects anywhere! This was a fun romp, though sliiightly traumatizing since my paladin almost died of Con Damage last session. Regardless, I enjoyed the animation, and I'd love to see more of these, get some peeks into your world. Those characters seemed interesting, even if Havel was a tad... familiar.

Samedeir responds:

Sorry for giving you Con Damage war flashbacks. Ha ha ;V

Yeah our robo cavalier Havel and sorcerer Logan were named after some well known characters from a very dark and soulful game. (Also Logan's in game token was literally Vivi from FF 9)

There are actually 3 more party members that were currently MIA in this particular recording.
So maybe you'll see some newer faces in future installments?
Thank you for leaving a review!

Dude, okay, not only is the animation amazing, definitely worth the wait, so on and so forth, but those Best Friends references, and the cameo! Amazing. All the little details in the background really make subsequent watches entertaining. Some quality content, my dude.

Carbonwater responds:

Thanks dude!
At first it was just going to be a straight up direct animated version of the dub, with no bells and whistles. And the Best Friends were always planned to be in there, since they get so hype about Persona and was my introduction to the series because of them.

But then I was inspired by how Pixar hides little easter eggs everywhere in their projects, sometimes in plain sight and you wouldn't even know they're there.
Mine aren't as subtle, but I wanted to make the effort regardless.

Really glad to see the return to this kind of stuff from you. Unforgotten Realms is still one of my favorite series' and the thing that got me into DnD in the first place. Good jokes, good voices. Not really a ton else to say, other than nice Temmie in the background you got there.

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Not bad.

The gameplay was decent, but it got repetitive quickly. Some of my biggest problems were presentation-related. I should be in Fancy Pants World if I wanted to fight his enemies, and I should be in the city, not Pico's school, if I was fighting FBI agents. I was also bothered by the fact that Pico didn't look quite right.
I like his new shirt, the two-tone green was getting boring, but a green T-shirt with a torso holster was nice, but one thing that SHOULDN'T have been changed was, you took away his UZIs! If I think Pico, I think of two Mac-10s carving up an army of look-alike kids.
Taking away his UZIs is like taking away Caruso's sunglasses in CSI: Miami. You gave him a pistol, which was underpowered. If Chibi-Knight could defeat Thingy Majigs with a rusty sword in a few hits, a shot from a pistol should sen them to their cartoony graves. I would have preferred, if you kept his pistol, some sort of semi-automatic weapon, because I'm sure Pico's trigger finger is faster than he shoots in this game. To counteract the faster shooting, you could have added a reloading mechanism, which would add a little intensity and desperation while running from the baddies.
I like the sliding and aiming features, but the hills make Pico shoot either too high or too low, until his foes are right on top of him. Since you took away the health bar, which was a good decision on my part, they're too overdone in flash shooters, adding damage numbers to both Pico and the bad guys seemed kind of strange.
If I have to kill a ton of enemies to progress further, I want to be able to fight at least 5 at a time, not 1 or 2 chasing me around while I slide and climb.
This actually seems like the kind of game where Pico and, I dunno, Darnell or any of the protagonists in the games where the enemies came from, could play in co-op. One player could use WASD and, like, space or G or something, while the other player uses the arrows and enter or number pad + or something. The multiplayer gimmick would have severely added to the replay value, but I found this game to be okay. Upgrades or better difficulty scaling would have been nice, but you probably had to rush to the Pico Day deadline. I like the concept of all the enemies coming together to kill everybody, and the graphics were good, but you had some serious flaws.
I've played better, but I've played worse, and this distracted me for 10-15 minutes. Not bad.

Not bad.

This game is pretty good, although it is a little simple. I think that every 30 seconds or minute, a round should end, where you could upgrade your character with better armor, weapons, etc. As for other reviews, of course all you do is run around and survive. Ever play Contra? Zelda? Halo? All you do is kill enemies and survive. Your teammates DO help you. Notice that there are a lot more Russians than Germans? Decent game.

The ups and downs of a zombie Apocolypse

Within five seconds I realized the game had no depth. Strafe and point your mouse at bad guys? When firing my gun, it felt like I was just pointing a stick, there is no illusion of power. I understand that the character might have had trouble obtaining tracer rounds, but that doesn't mean sacrificing visible ammunition. There was no way to tell if the zombies were getting hurt except, four bullets later, then leave a little red puddle of blood. It was good for a few minutes, but it didn't really have any staying power. I understand the gameplay was decent at its roots, but if you dug deep enough, I'm sure you could have found a graphics designer. I can tell you're a good developer, and if you brought other people onto your team, you could make some good stuff.

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I just wanna point out that the fact you've made all of these is amazing.

Gianni responds:

Ah thanks, was mostly just fun kinda warmup stuff but I'm glad some folks got a kick out of it!

Nice cover! Great instruments and vocals, and the only negative thing I can really say is that a couple of the words, notably the second waitin' during each of the chorus lines, sounds a little off, as if the singer couldn't decide whether to hold the note or sing it quickly. However, all of the other singing parts and the solo were impressive. Keep the music coming!

Great remix of a great song. The prominent beats of the original song with the new bass blends together really well and the only problem I had was that with the heavier bass, the original song sounds a little flighty, so maybe you could have dropped it down an octave so that you could keep the notes but give the rhythm a little more weight. The metallic noises and the echo you had on the song itself were great, and my complaint was such a minor detail that I barely considered writing about it. Keep up the great work! What was the project you were going to use this for?

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All the scarves and capes look fantastic! The Zero in the thumbnail is definitely eye-catching, but I absolutely love Eirika. The hair and lights are great.

Just like your other Bookworms pieces, hard to take my eyes off of! I've always enjoyed your work with guys, especially the slimes and that four parter on faces, but this one is a really strong contender, too! The face, the hair, all the places the light is reflecting off of, really nice to look at.

Reading on Twitter about your nerves regarding this picture makes this even more impressive! I love both your Bookworms, they're amazing on their own and even more together! Please keep these up, they're fantastic.

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