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All the scarves and capes look fantastic! The Zero in the thumbnail is definitely eye-catching, but I absolutely love Eirika. The hair and lights are great.

Just like your other Bookworms pieces, hard to take my eyes off of! I've always enjoyed your work with guys, especially the slimes and that four parter on faces, but this one is a really strong contender, too! The face, the hair, all the places the light is reflecting off of, really nice to look at.

Reading on Twitter about your nerves regarding this picture makes this even more impressive! I love both your Bookworms, they're amazing on their own and even more together! Please keep these up, they're fantastic.

Adorable! I love the details on the clothes and bodies. The freckles on his shoulders, the way both of their hair falls, everything about this is just fun to look at!

doublemaximus responds:

Ah thank you! I'm not used to drawing in this perspective so this was definitely a challenge!

I mean, sure, the art is good and everything. Dynamic pose, interesting character, good shading. Your style really fits well, but the true star of this piece is the tag. Nanomachines, son!

I'd still choose Kneesocks instead, but this is certainly well drawn. The shadows are very consistent, from the horns casting over the hair, to the angles on both the tail and the clothes. The design is interesting, eyes are very impressive. Biggest problem I can see is probably the belt buckle, which seems to be lacking the detail of the rest of her. Still good overall.

bocodamondo responds:

thanks buddy, ^^

Since your point was to "give Link steroids and make him a little more like Fabio," I would say that you did a good job. Shading and details on the face look great, sunbeams are amazing and the shadows brought on by it seem to be in the right place. Most of the details are well made, Hyrule Field looks good, the mountains and castle in the background have good levels of perceived distance, everything in the foreground seems layered correctly, and all of the little features on Link and Epona look great. I do have a few problems though. The armor that you put on Epona's chest seems to be too close to us and not in the center of her chest. A little more variety in the browns also would have been nice, I think. At first glance, I thought that Link's leg just got really skinny at the knee and then went off the bottom of the screen because his boot is colored very similarly to Epona's side. Same deal for the saddle. It takes a little bit of time to tell where the saddle, straps, horse, and boots all separate on the side closest to the screen. Since you did state that this is the "Hero of Time" Link in the title, he probably should have been left handed. Having him cover up his body with the sword would have been weird if he had kept this pose but switched hands, so maybe if you had just mirrored the image, that would work. I dunno. I can't say I'm a fan of either the way the tunic or the undershirt ends at the top. The lack of any kind of roll, just a static piece of fabric without any folds or bulges on his undershirt as it goes towards his neck looks awkward, and the way the collar of the tunic appears to curve out in the center of his chest but then lies flat around his shoulders also seems kind of strange. The detail put into his hat and the lower part of the tunic just set my expectations higher than what the upper area delivered. These are just little things and I still enjoyed the piece. Keep up the good work!

Well drawn, especially the hair. What stopped me from giving this a 4 is the jeans. They look more like blue fabric than denim. A rougher texture or some visible stitching would've sealed it for me. The hands look good, shading on the body and clothes, face details, everything else is good.

I see you took all the reviews of the static Iron Woman and put them to use here, with the feminine face and whatnot. Almost everything about the transformation is good, too. The only thing I can say is that when the red armor joins in the middle of her stomach, the fact that there isn't a little line or groove visible seems a little weird. Great work on everything else though!

bocodamondo responds:

thanks for the review, trunks ^^

Not my favorite work of yours, man. While I don't really have any problems with the hair, it doesn't seem all that special. The face itself is fine, but the shadows being cast on it seem pretty odd, the hair not shading enough of her face considering how poofy it is, while the domino mask seems to create too large of a shadow, considering they're pressed right up against the face and are pretty thin. The body shape and muscle structure seem awkward and kind of masculine, especially the ribcage and biceps. Her chest logo doesn't seem to bend around her body correctly, as the logo doesn't seem to shrink enough around her collar and continues to grow in size even though it passes the crest of her breasts and should therefore sink again. The colors and shine on her suit seem relatively uninspired. The way you drew her right arm larger for distance scaling is fine, but judging by how much larger you drew it, I think you should have either drawn her bicep over her breast or having the breast pushed inward by the position of her arm. Her hips seem to meld straight into her thighs, but other than that, they seem fine. Her boots just seem really odd, from the way it cones outward to not showing any part of her knee, just the curves of the thigh and calf, and all the way down to her awkward feet. The general shape and colors weren't bad, but I would say the biggest problem with this drawing is the lack of soul you put into it. All of your other work seemed so motivated and with a ton of effort, and I just didn't get that feeling from this piece. I can understand this because you said it was a request, but still.

bocodamondo responds:

yeah i really didnt had much fun drawing this piece. but not just because its a request, its also because i got alot other shit to work on.

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