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Not bad.

The gameplay was decent, but it got repetitive quickly. Some of my biggest problems were presentation-related. I should be in Fancy Pants World if I wanted to fight his enemies, and I should be in the city, not Pico's school, if I was fighting FBI agents. I was also bothered by the fact that Pico didn't look quite right.
I like his new shirt, the two-tone green was getting boring, but a green T-shirt with a torso holster was nice, but one thing that SHOULDN'T have been changed was, you took away his UZIs! If I think Pico, I think of two Mac-10s carving up an army of look-alike kids.
Taking away his UZIs is like taking away Caruso's sunglasses in CSI: Miami. You gave him a pistol, which was underpowered. If Chibi-Knight could defeat Thingy Majigs with a rusty sword in a few hits, a shot from a pistol should sen them to their cartoony graves. I would have preferred, if you kept his pistol, some sort of semi-automatic weapon, because I'm sure Pico's trigger finger is faster than he shoots in this game. To counteract the faster shooting, you could have added a reloading mechanism, which would add a little intensity and desperation while running from the baddies.
I like the sliding and aiming features, but the hills make Pico shoot either too high or too low, until his foes are right on top of him. Since you took away the health bar, which was a good decision on my part, they're too overdone in flash shooters, adding damage numbers to both Pico and the bad guys seemed kind of strange.
If I have to kill a ton of enemies to progress further, I want to be able to fight at least 5 at a time, not 1 or 2 chasing me around while I slide and climb.
This actually seems like the kind of game where Pico and, I dunno, Darnell or any of the protagonists in the games where the enemies came from, could play in co-op. One player could use WASD and, like, space or G or something, while the other player uses the arrows and enter or number pad + or something. The multiplayer gimmick would have severely added to the replay value, but I found this game to be okay. Upgrades or better difficulty scaling would have been nice, but you probably had to rush to the Pico Day deadline. I like the concept of all the enemies coming together to kill everybody, and the graphics were good, but you had some serious flaws.
I've played better, but I've played worse, and this distracted me for 10-15 minutes. Not bad.

Not bad.

This game is pretty good, although it is a little simple. I think that every 30 seconds or minute, a round should end, where you could upgrade your character with better armor, weapons, etc. As for other reviews, of course all you do is run around and survive. Ever play Contra? Zelda? Halo? All you do is kill enemies and survive. Your teammates DO help you. Notice that there are a lot more Russians than Germans? Decent game.

The ups and downs of a zombie Apocolypse

Within five seconds I realized the game had no depth. Strafe and point your mouse at bad guys? When firing my gun, it felt like I was just pointing a stick, there is no illusion of power. I understand that the character might have had trouble obtaining tracer rounds, but that doesn't mean sacrificing visible ammunition. There was no way to tell if the zombies were getting hurt except, four bullets later, then leave a little red puddle of blood. It was good for a few minutes, but it didn't really have any staying power. I understand the gameplay was decent at its roots, but if you dug deep enough, I'm sure you could have found a graphics designer. I can tell you're a good developer, and if you brought other people onto your team, you could make some good stuff.


A couple things... Firstly, I just want to say thank you to 18kaufmann for serving your country, but this stuff is for the game, not other people... so... The "artillery" is more of a semi-automatic rectangle killer. The cannon has no reload and the shells don't explode. If you're too lazy to add a summary of your game or a description, I don't think many people will even bother playing for ANY amount of time, I got bored pretty quickly. The color scheme was drab, going with shades of gray and a generic red floor isn't aesthetically pleasing, which didn't add to the game's entertainment at all. Mediocre and simple graphics accompanied with dull gameplay really make this game dissapointing.

Press Space to rate 10!

These controls were excellent, I loved the different choices and customization (although the archery skills are a bit underpowered), the spell creation was also awesome (Fire Tornado has the highest damage, but Frozen Lightning damages over time, and slows enemies down.) The bosses were tough, but not too tough. The last battle was epic and the voice acting was incredible. I can really see the God of War influence. I don't recommend taking the quests in the Thorny Rose Inn unless you're having a LOT of trouble, as they barely give any rewards and take far too long. The use of minigames was nice, but the Zelda-esque shooting gallery was much too hard with the use of a mouse. This was an incredible game, and I, for one, am hoping for a sequel.

The party is a lie.

Great quiz, fun minigames. Hm... Parasol Syndicate... Umbrella Corporation... nah, no relation!


Excellent game, great variety of costumes, weapons, and game modes, but I noticed a couple of things;
-You should describe in better detail what the level-up perks do in story mode
-If you throw the switchblade/knife behind you, it does not stab people, just bounces off as if you threw a gun or blunt object
-The jetpack should be included in experiment mode

Altogether, a great game, and definitely the best (and first!) of all the Madness Interactives. Excellent Game

Lonely Island= BEST BAND EVER

You played Jizz in my pants AND Dick in a box in the EpicRoll? It IS epic.
So is the rest of the game.

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