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I'd recognize those Roll20 sound effects anywhere! This was a fun romp, though sliiightly traumatizing since my paladin almost died of Con Damage last session. Regardless, I enjoyed the animation, and I'd love to see more of these, get some peeks into your world. Those characters seemed interesting, even if Havel was a tad... familiar.

Samedeir responds:

Sorry for giving you Con Damage war flashbacks. Ha ha ;V

Yeah our robo cavalier Havel and sorcerer Logan were named after some well known characters from a very dark and soulful game. (Also Logan's in game token was literally Vivi from FF 9)

There are actually 3 more party members that were currently MIA in this particular recording.
So maybe you'll see some newer faces in future installments?
Thank you for leaving a review!

Dude, okay, not only is the animation amazing, definitely worth the wait, so on and so forth, but those Best Friends references, and the cameo! Amazing. All the little details in the background really make subsequent watches entertaining. Some quality content, my dude.

Carbonwater responds:

Thanks dude!
At first it was just going to be a straight up direct animated version of the dub, with no bells and whistles. And the Best Friends were always planned to be in there, since they get so hype about Persona and was my introduction to the series because of them.

But then I was inspired by how Pixar hides little easter eggs everywhere in their projects, sometimes in plain sight and you wouldn't even know they're there.
Mine aren't as subtle, but I wanted to make the effort regardless.

Really glad to see the return to this kind of stuff from you. Unforgotten Realms is still one of my favorite series' and the thing that got me into DnD in the first place. Good jokes, good voices. Not really a ton else to say, other than nice Temmie in the background you got there.

Never stop. Ever. Loved the original. Love this one. Also, if you're gonna sell shirts, I'd slap some dollarydoos down on one of those "Not So Marth" ones.

Awwwww yeah! I loved Messiah Complex! The animation and voice acting is, as usual, great, and I can't wait to see your take on Deadpool!

This was a terrific end to a terrific story. The unparalleled action is what brought people here, but the artwork, characters, and the plot kept them around to Xionic Madness' violent end. The journey you took us on was incredible, and the back stories provided some terrific insight into the awesome characters that you created. The voice cast is amazing, as always, and the music was great. The only complaints I can really bring up are about the minor lag during scene transitions and that the subtitles don't match the words spoken surprisingly often. Those minuscule errors do nothing to deter from the awesome that is Xionic Madness 4. Good luck with everything you do in the future, buddy. Peace.

Xionico responds:

Yeah, just noticed that. It seems the VA had a problem with my horribly written lines and they did something better, but they either forgot to tell me or I forgot to edit them out xD, I will fix that sometime soon, (probably tomorrow).

Thanks for the review! and glad you enjoyed it :D!

This is hilarious! A little late on the Arkham City bandwagon but still funny. The animation was great and so was the sound quality. The voices sounded good and you really captured the feel of the goons. The fact that this would be funny to people who haven't played the game but is even funnier to those who have is proof that you have skill in your craft. Nice work.

Poor Conehead...

I thought it was a great animation, and it was made even better by having Kira Buckland reprise her role as the Castle Crashers princess. I love the personalities and the conversations without actually using words. There seemed to be less action in this one, but what was there greatly improved.
I also enjoyed the "voluntary" and "giant food" parts. Kira's "Help me" at the end of the video sounded exactly like it did in the actual game, and the whole thing was just put together wonderfully. This is my favorite of all the Crashings so far.

Swimmin with the LOLs

I'm pretty sure it was important because when she became a woman, she had her period, and the menstrual blood attracted the sharks, so munchy munchy went the new woman... but I like your version more. Eeeeeeeighteeeeeeeen.

Ellis' face has alerted the horde!

Great drawing style, funny, the only thing I noticed off about it was that all 4 survivors pretty much looked the same, facial features, head shape, that kinda stuff. Nice work.

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